Wednesday, June 15, 2011


God is funny because I was saying to myself What to blog? Then rainbow came up. Okay I will blog about rainbow. As I am sitting looking at my window, heavy rain come and I told the Lord, I should blog about rain instead of rainbow.
God brought in my mind that no matter how heavy my rain is he will always protect us and I believe that. When I look back at my life, I always thank God for it. I always wonder and feel sad for the people that don't know our loving God. That is a reason why I am here is to spread the word that there is an amazing God out there that don't want us to suffer along. In our life, storms may come and problems may arise but I must trust the Lord to ride on the storms with him together.
Looking out at my window again, just amaze on how our creator, create this universe for us. This makes me realized that I need to do my part. Thank You for your rainbow too. I Love You GOD!

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